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Superman Is Dead - Strong Enough

Pada kesempatan kali ini okakuncigitar membuat arikel chord kunci gitar dan lirik lagu Superman Is Dead - Strong Enough yang munkin bisa anda jadikan bahan untuk bermain gitar bersama dengan teman anda, kunci gitar ini diterbitkan oleh penulis iyan sbastian pada pukul 15.56 dan jika anda ingin mencari kunci gitar lainnya anda bisa mencarinya di menu search atau label yang telah saya sediakan pada website ini

Chord dan Lyric lagu Superman Is Dead - Strong Enough

I spent all my tragic days but it made me more confused
What was really going on every step i did so blur
Many things i cannot leave pull me to an empty space
I reach out beyond the line, hope to find another life

D5 C5 G5 A5
Good times and bad times i walk through, but at the end i will fall
D5 C5 E5 F5 G5
All of my sympathy disappears, it�s turning useless

A5 C5
F5 E5
The pain i try to live without
A5 C5 F5 E5
Stealing back memories that were mine
A5 C5
F5 E5
The tension makes me runaway
D5 E5
I feel less-powered and good friends are gone

Friends are easy come and go, think my life's is misery
Hypocrite society, perfect people is not real
You will never count at all, what i give and what i care
And you'll always got the times, you got sick when i worked wrong

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A5 C5 F5 G5

D5 C5 D5 C5 D5 C5
E5 D5 E5 D5 E5 D5
F5 E5 F5 E5 F5 E5 G5 F5 E5


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